A baffle filter is the very important filter located at the outlet of your septic system. Some systems may not have these filters installed initially, so it is vital to schedule an inspection to ensure that your septic system has the protection it needs. Contact Dooley Service Pro in Springfield today for more information! 

The Importance Of The Baffle Filter

Your septic system is a fairly complex system that has a few major parts that keep it functioning properly, which includes the baffle filter. To start, the outlet baffle is where water exits the septic tank and proceeds into your drain field. As water flows through, there is often debris and waste that needs to stay in the tank instead of passing through the baffle. 

If not properly filtered, the pieces of debris and waste will begin to build up and clog the outlet baffle. This is where the baffle filter comes to the rescue. The simple filter stops the unwanted items from getting through the baffle to avoid backup or further issues in your drain field.

Cleaning A Baffle Filter 

Like any filter, the baffle filter needs to be cleaned out regularly to keep it working properly. To clean the baffle filter, simply remove it from the outlet baffle, hose off any buildup of waste, and place it back in the baffle. While it is very low-maintenance, not taking the time to clean out your baffle filter can lead to severe and costly damages to your septic system and property.

Our Baffle Filter Services

At Dooley Service Pro in Springfield, our team of licensed and insured professionals specialize in installing and cleaning baffle filters. This service is included in our regular, full-service septic system maintenance or we can perform it separately. Contact our team today for all your baffle filter needs!