Common Causes of Clogged Drains — and How Professional Drain Cleaning Can Help

Common Causes of Clogged Drains — and How Professional Drain Cleaning Can Help

Clogged drains are a messy affair and can oftentimes be very difficult to fix. Sadly, if they are not properly tended to, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home and property. It is because of this that everybody should be aware of the most common causes of clogged drains and pipes in order to avoid costly repairs over the long run — and how professional drain cleaning services can come to the rescue:


Be it human or animal fur, hair is a major common cause of clogged drains. While taking a shower or using the bathtub, hair may fall and clog the bathroom drain. It could also slow down your bathroom sink. The worst part? It combines with grease — and any other sticky substance, for that matter — and forms a clog.

To ensure clean drains, prevent clogs caused by hair in the first place by adding drain guards — that should be cleaned regularly. Refrain from using commercial drain cleaners, as they can wreak havoc on your plumbing system.


We often make the mistake of washing everything in our sinks and have a nation that drains and pipes are there to wash away all sorts of materials. However, this is not the case; excess dirt can build up and clog your drain. It can also combine with hair and greasy substances to block your pipes. It is recommended you rinse or remove excess mud/dirt off of your body before letting it swirl down the drain; however, if this common cause of clogged drains already has you in a bind, a professional drain cleaner can help.

Mineral Buildup

Water contains all kinds of minerals. Hard water, in particular, can be notorious and contribute to insoluble mineral masses calling your pipes and drains home. This continuous mineral deposit can easily reduce the flow of water if not be a showstopper altogether. One way to solve the issue is with the utilization of a water softener; another is finding a plumber near you. A plumber can descale clogged pipes and remove mineral buildup effectively.

Food Waste

Kitchen sinks are hot-beds for food waste, although they shouldn’t be. Even if you have a garbage disposal, there’s a reason your trash can is probably not too far away. Oil, grease — even coffee grounds and tea leaves — can solidify and block your pipes, resulting in the most dreadful of plumbing issues.

To avoid blockages, absorb excess oil of vegetables, fruits, or meat in a paper towel before washing them off in your sink. You can even consider setting up a compost bin for food waste. If blockages persist, reach out to a plumbing specialist to make the hold-up a thing of the past.


This one’s probably not so obvious; it can be hard to believe that even soap can cause pipe blockages. However, it’s true. Soaps are comprised of fats and minerals that can accumulate over time, known as soap residue or soap scum. This common cause of clogged drains can show up in your laundry, bathroom, and shower. Moreover, soap scum often joins forces with hair and mineral buildup, resulting in severely clogged drains. Fortunately, drain cleaning can remove traces of soap buildup.

Toilet Paper Buildup

If you use toilet paper moderately, you won’t run into this issue. However, excessive toilet paper use can stop your toilet from flushing altogether. If water can be flushed, use a plunger or toilet auger. However, if it simply fills without draining, you know it’s time to get in touch with a drain cleaning service.

Tree Roots

The tiniest crack in your pipe can allow nearby tree roots to work their way in, growing within the pipe, and — you guessed it — causing a clogged drain. This kind of root growth can seriously obstruct water flow and damage your drain line. Depending on its unfortunate “progress,” a professional drain cleaning expert will be able to fix this problem.

Cotton Products

Wipes, cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products; no cotton products should be flushed down the toilet. These products do not break down and can easily clog up your drain. Tampons can grow up to ten times their size by absorbing fluid. If that day comes, the only solution will be to call on an expert plumbing who can unclog the drain.
At Dooley Service Pro, we cover all your plumbing needs, from drain cleaning to the excavation of sewer and water lines. If your home is suffering from any common cause of clogged drains — or you want to learn more about what plumbers use to unclog drains — reach out to us today!

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