Common Problems of Aeration Septic Systems and What to Do About Them

Common Problems of Aeration Septic Systems and What to Do About Them

Aeration septic systems, also called aerobic septic systems, can be hugely beneficial for any residential or commercial property owner. However, there are times when your system may begin acting strangely or malfunctioning. Consider this your guide to common problems with aeration septic systems — and what you can do about them.

Air Pressure Issues

Adequate air pressure keeps your septic tank running correctly. When air pressure in the tank becomes unbalanced, your tank runs the risk of depositing wastewater on your lawn, backing up into your toilets, or setting off your system’s alarm nonstop.

What You Can Do

Ensure you know how to check the air pressure of your system. The instructions should be found in your owner’s manual or with a few quick searches online. If you notice consistent air pressure problems or constantly hear your alarm going off, speak to professionals about this issue. They will check for issues that commonly cause poor air pressure, such as broken pipes, clogged filters, or bad intake valves, among other possibilities. It is vital that proper air pressure is restored to your system ASAP so it can continue to function as designed for many years to come.

Tree Root Troubles

Tree roots may be damaging your aerator system, even if your trees are nowhere near your septic tank. Unfortunately, tree roots can spread much deeper than you think from aboveground. While you may think your trees seem far away from your septic aerator, roots can actually grow 50 feet or more out from underneath your trees, impacting the walls of your system’s pipes and even entangling themselves in important tubing and wiring. Tree roots can cause anything from a bad float switch to a clogged filter to a blown fuse, so if you suspect roots might be sneaking into your system, get help right away.

What You Can Do

Tree roots are no joke — they require professional management and extraction. Avoid planting trees or shrubs anywhere near your pump tank. If you notice tree roots beginning to creep into places they don’t belong, contact septic services professionals ASAP and speak with them about the issue. They may be able to install a deep protective “wall” around your system, called a root barrier, that can help prevent these roots from causing problems.

“High Solids”

A clogged filter or too much water in the pump can cause “high solids,” an innocent-sounding name for a gross problem that can result in your aerator system spraying nasty sewage all over your lawn. This may seem like one of the more difficult problems to solve, but if you act fast, you may be able to stop the issue in its tracks.

What You Can Do

Before you do anything else, get in touch with professionals to treat the wastewater. It’s vital that you prevent any toxic chemicals from leaching into your lawn, garden, or clean water supply. Then, discuss options to increase or decrease your tank’s aerobic bacteria, change out your submersible pump, or anything else the technicians recommend.

Connector Corrosion

All systems require routine maintenance, and septic systems are no different. If it’s been a while since your treatment system was examined, it’s vital to ensure there are no corroded or frayed wires in your aerator system. Something as simple as one faulty wire can cause your whole system, right down to each power switch, to stop working.

What You Can Do

When it comes to corroded wires or bad connections, every situation is different. In some cases, systems that have stopped working due to faulty wires can be brought back to life with a simple wire replacement. In other cases, parts will need to be replaced. Replacing a timer or photocell might be what your system needs. There is no way to know until you talk to professionals, so schedule service right away if you notice anything that seems unusual about your wires or your system has begun failing to start or stop normally.

Call on Dooley Service Pro!

Your aerobic treatment system shouldn’t be a source of stress — it should make your life easier. When something goes wrong with your system, don’t suffer alone; call the experts at Dooley Service Pro for prompt and professional septic service! We’re also available for drain cleaning in Springfield and provide a wide variety of water softener services, so rest assured that we can do anything you need for your property’s sewage health and well-being. Reach out to our team today, and we’ll get back to you ASAP to get your system and your life back to normal.

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