How Hydro Jetting Works and Why It’s Important

How Hydro Jetting Works and Why It’s Important

When you call professional plumbers to clean your drains, you may notice that the techniques used by the pros always clear out your plumbing system more effectively than anything you’ve ever tried. What’s their secret? The real “secret” is that it depends. There isn’t one single method that experienced plumbers use to clean the gunk out of your drains and pipes, and it always depends on your individual situation. Some plumbers use muriatic acid for drains that are especially stubborn, while others begin with a video inspection before doing anything else.

Clogged drains are sometimes caused by an external cause, such as tree roots in your pipes or critters in your sewage system, but more often than not, they happen due to everyday buildup that sticks to the walls of your pipes. Throughout the day, you wash hair, grease, food products, and other waste down the drain. Now imagine the effects of one day multiplied by many years, and you’ll see what our plumbers are up against!

When drain snakes fail to clean out clogs, it’s time for plumbers to bring out the “big guns.” The technique we’ll be discussing today is called hydro jetting, and it’s definitely one of the biggest guns in a plumber’s arsenal. There are many benefits of hydro jetting, and having your pipes cleaned in this method can get them performing like new again!

Quick note: Be warned that hydro jetting is not a DIY-friendly job, even if you’ve done your fair share of digging around in your drains with a plumbing snake. It’s a totally different ball game to work with highly pressured machinery, so call a professional plumber instead before you risk damaging your system (or just doing an ineffective job cleaning your pipes)!

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a drain cleaning method that uses highly pressurized water (up to 4000 PSI!) to blast away dirt and debris inside your pipes. You may also hear hydro jetting service called jet cleaning, pipe jetting, and other similar names.

How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

Before doing anything else, a plumber will take a look at your system, possibly via video inspection, to see if hydro jetting will work for your pipes. Then, your plumber will get to work, inserting a specialized machine nozzle into the offending drain. The machine it’s attached to pressurizes the water pumped through it until it’s strong enough to strip away even the toughest clogs. This process may be done several times until no residue remains visible when the plumber inspects your system again. Finally, when the cleaning job is done to your satisfaction, the water and debris from your pipes are safely washed into your home’s wastewater system.

When Hydro Jetting Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, hydro jetting may not be ideal for your home. If you have older pipes, your clog is caused by a serious problem with your sewer systems, or you’re dealing with multiple leaks in your water or sewer lines, plumbers may recommend an alternative method. If this is the case, we’ll inform you of the situation and work together to find a solution that clears out the clog safely.

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