How Often Should You Clean Your Septic Tank?

How Often Should You Clean Your Septic Tank?

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Wondering how often you should get your septic tank cleaned? Read on for answers!

How Often Should You Clean Your Septic Tank?

Contrary to what some believe, septic tanks don’t last forever. Most experts agree that you should have your tank pumped every two to three years if it’s used regularly and more often in certain circumstances. It is important to remember that the frequency of pumping depends on a variety of factors including the size of the tank, how much water you use daily and your local code requirements.

The following questions will help to determine if professional septic pumping is necessary:

Do I Have a Leaking Sewage Pipe?

If there are any leaks in your sewer system, it’s likely that they’re causing more problems than you realize. A leaking sewage pipe can affect the efficiency of your septic tank and lead to a number of expensive problems including disposal costs. A professional septic pumping company will be able to detect any leaks in your system, repair them if necessary and ensure that everything is flowing properly once again.

How Old Is My Septic Tank?

If you’re unsure about how old your septic tank is, it’s best to consult a professional. Septic tanks can last for decades if they’re properly maintained and located on firm ground with proper drainage. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule so knowing the age of your tank means that you’ll be able to determine how often it needs pumping based on local code requirements.

How Long Has It Been Since My Last Pumping?

Again, the frequency with which you should have your septic tank pumped will depend on a number of different factors including age and usage. If it’s been over two years since your last pumping or if there are visible signs that seepage is leaking into the surrounding area, it’s likely time to call a plumber.

Now that you know how often septic tanks need to be cleaned, do not forget the other services we offer! We are a full-service plumbing company and can handle all of your drain cleaning needs. We also offer sewer inspections and can perform a camera inspection to determine if your septic tank is working properly.

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