How to Find a Local Plumber That Cleans Drains

How to Find a Local Plumber That Cleans Drains

What happens when your water goes down the drain? If you are like ⅓ of Americans, it ends up in your septic tank. But that’s not the end of the process. Read this blog to learn more about how your septic system works.

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How Your Septic System Works

There are many parts to your septic system, and it can be tough to know what all of them do. The design of the system is very important because it will dictate which components you need for your home or business. A typical septic system includes the septic tank, a drainfield, and a soil absorption field.

The Process of a Conventional Septic Tank

First, the water from your home runs out through a main drainage pipe into the septic tank. The septic tank then holds wastewater long enough for solids to settle to the bottom, and then the liquid wastewater (effluent) leaves the tank into the drainfield.

The effluent is treated and then is allowed to seep into the soil, which further treats and disperses it, and then the water is ultimately discharged to groundwater.

Signs Your Septic System is Failing

The first sign of a malfunctioning septic system is not always foul odor. Other common signs include:

  • Bright green, spongy grass above the drainfield
  • Wastewater backing up in household drains
  • Pooling water in your basement or around the septic tank

Don’t Wait to Get Septic Tank Cleaning Services in Springfield

If you have a septic tank that is showing signs of needing pumping, cleaning, or replacing, contact our team at Dooley Service Pro today! Get routine septic tank cleaning services by local Springfield plumbers from Dooley Service Pro today!

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