How to Tell If Your Well Pump Is Malfunctioning

How to Tell If Your Well Pump Is Malfunctioning

Does your home rely on a well for its water supply? A well is a fantastic way to get clean, fresh water in the house with no added chemicals, plus you don’t need to depend on municipal water utility companies. However, like all systems, there are vulnerable points in your water well.

One of the most crucial parts of your well is the well pump, which is the mechanism that actually draws the water out of the reservoir into the pipes leading to your home. If your well water pump is acting up, it’s best to call in well services professionals to diagnose the problem and help find a solution. Here are some warning signs that you may need well pump repairs or have a failing well pump on your hands:

Poor Water Pressure

One of the first signs your well pump has stopped working or is starting to malfunction is poor water pressure. If your sinks can’t seem to wash away dirt like they used to, or your showerhead runs at a trickle, this can mean something is wrong with your well pump. Call for service sooner rather than later.

Sputtering Sinks and Showers

Another sign you may need water pump replacement or repair? A “glugging” or sputtering sound coming from your faucets. Water flow that is being constantly interrupted by excess air getting into a failing pump can begin making these and more unusual noises. This can happen if a pipe is cracked or the submersible pump drops below the water table. In this case, you may need to have the well redrilled or schedule repair for the pipe connecting your well pump and the rest of your water system.

Excessive Electric Bills

When your well pump works harder than it needs to, you use more electricity. And because you’re using more electricity, you may notice a significant jump in your electric bill. While increased electric bills by themselves may not necessarily indicate a failing well pump, when combined with other signs on this list, your well pump may very well (pun intended) be the reason you’re using so much power all of a sudden.

Strange Stopping and Starting

Does your well pump constantly turn on and off, or cycle for much longer than it used to? If your pump runs erratically, your well pump’s check valve might have a problem. The check valve prevents water leaving the well from coming back in and causing issues with backflow. When the check valve stops working, this function no longer exists, and the well pumps’ pressure switch flips off and on as water flows back into the well.

Your well pump stopping and starting can also happen when you are dealing with a leak in the pump itself or a leak somewhere in your home’s pipes. Whatever is causing the stopping and starting, we highly recommend contacting the professionals for service before you cause your system more serious damage.

Worsening Water Quality

If you’re noticing your water is cloudy or smells funny, even after water softener services, your well pump may be damaged or malfunctioning. It also might be a larger issue such as a circuit breaker malfunction or total system failure. Another sign of poor water quality is debris in your water, such as sand or silt visible in your sink, tub, or even that glass of water you just poured. Stay calm, but don’t drink the water until you’ve had your water tested and approved by well services professionals.

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