I’m Selling My Home — Do I Need to Get a Septic System Inspection?

I’m Selling My Home — Do I Need to Get a Septic System Inspection?

Whenever you decide to sell your home, it’s a whirlwind of emotions and checklists you must run through before you can finalize the sale. Ensuring every inch of your property is in good enough condition to sell to the next homeowner is something that needs to be taken care of before you put the home on the market. However, there’s one area that you may have forgotten to get checked out — your septic system.

When you’re working on the details of selling your home, there’s one important question that you need to ask before you put up your listing: should I get my septic tank inspected before putting it on the market?

Why You Need a Septic Inspection Before Selling Your Home

When it comes to your home septic system, it’s often an “out of sight and out of mind” proposition. You usually don’t think about how well it’s running or if it’s in danger of overflowing until it’s too late. These issues can accumulate over time and create unexpected problems when you least expect them.

The general rule of thumb is to get your septic tank looked at every three years; however, even if you’ve had your system inspected within the last year or two, it would benefit you to get it looked at before putting your home on the market.

When you’re selling your home, the smallest imperfections or disruptions could potentially derail your sale. Usually, it’s an issue with your home’s foundation, water damage, or some other issue that can cause a deal to fall through, but problems with the septic system can potentially derail your sale if you aren’t careful.

How Septic Inspections Benefit All Parties

Your septic system helps ensure your home runs as smoothly as possible, ensuring that any waste gets diverted away from your home and stored safely. When it works properly, you don’t have to worry about it and you can go about your daily routine. When an issue arises, addressing it quickly can help keep the flow of your sale moving at a quick pace, and you can close it quickly and efficiently.

Getting your inspection done early allows you to address any potential problem quickly and efficiently, limiting the chance that it could hold up any future sale. If you have an older system, regular checks and maintenance will help ensure it stays fully operational. You’ll be able to identify warning signs and address the root cause. You, your real estate agent and potential buyer will thank you for your forethought.

What Makes Up a Septic System Inspection?

When you schedule a septic system inspection, you should have a general idea of what to expect when the inspector arrives at your home. The technician arrives at your home and begins assessing the state of your septic tank. They’ll run through a thorough checklist including:

  • Check if it was installed properly
  • Stay complainant with environmental regulations
  • Inspect the drainage field
  • Ensure the distribution pipes are clear
  • Look for sludge buildup

After they finish the inspection, they deliver a detailed report of their findings and make recommendations for what your next steps should be. Copies will be distributed to you, the agent, the county, the buyer, or whoever else requested a copy.

Trust Dooley Service Pro With Your Next Septic System Inspection in Springfield, OH

Getting a septic system inspection early can prove immensely beneficial if you’re looking to sell your house quickly or want to do your due diligence before putting it on the market. Dooley Service Pro has helped countless customers thoroughly check their systems before they get put on the market and keep the buying and selling process moving smoothly.

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