Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Water Line

Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Water Line

Your home’s water line is a crucial part of your plumbing system. When it starts to fail, it can put everything else in your home at risk. Water main problems can cause everything from flooded basements to malfunctioning appliances to disgusting sewage backup, so it’s vital to call a plumber when you notice a problem — not when you’re already knee-deep in smelly water. Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your main water line:

Mysteriously-High Water Bills

While an increase in your water bills can happen due to more frequent use, if your water usage has been consistent, but you keep seeing your bills creeping higher and higher, consider it a warning sign. Many customers who need to repair or replace their main water lines notice this issue first and foremost, so keep an eye out and be diligent about calling professional plumbers ASAP if you find yourself paying extra every month.

Frequent Clogs

If drain cleaning in Springfield hasn’t been able to solve your clogging problems, and you’ve already had your pipes inspected for tree roots or other reasons for clogs, you probably need water line repair or replacement. When your water line breaks, it affects water pressure throughout your home, including the ways wastewater flows through your pipes. Not only is poor water flow annoying, but it also means that there could be a big leak somewhere you don’t know about that is causing water damage to your home’s foundation.

Strange Puddles and Pools

Do you always seem to be grabbing a mop to clean up pooling water around your home? Puddles of water in these areas, in particular, may indicate a water line problem:

  • Nearby or underneath appliances hooked up to water lines, such as your dishwasher or clothes washer
  • Under sinks and below pipes
  • On your lawn, especially when combined with extra-green patches of grass (can indicate a sewage line problem)


While puddles of water might seem like more of a nuisance than a potential catastrophe, keep in mind that long-term exposure to water can warp wood floors, damage carpet, and even eat into your home’s walls and foundation. Don’t leave those puddles to dry out by themselves — grab a towel and your phone to get help from certified plumbers.

Poor Water Quality

Water pressure problems are bad enough, but to make matters worse, your water quality can be affected when your main water line breaks or starts malfunctioning. Foul-smelling, bad-tasting, or discolored water is a big red flag to watch out for. You don’t want your home’s water supply to be contaminated, so it’s best to call for help ASAP if you spot this issue. (On a water well? No problem! We provide both municipal water service and local well services.)

Critter Invasion

Are bugs, rodents, or other uninvited guests appearing in your home more frequently? A broken water main can let in any critter that can squeeze through a hole. Keep these pests out by having your main water line repaired or replaced.

Call for Service Now!

Have you spotted any of these signs that it’s time to replace your main water line? Contact Dooley Service Pro today, and we’ll be there in a snap to help you out. Whether you need repair or replacement, our trusted technicians will be there to protect your home and family throughout the entire process.

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