Signs That Your Well Pump Needs Servicing

Signs That Your Well Pump Needs Servicing

A properly functioning well water pump is essential for maintaining your home’s access to clean, usable water. However, a malfunctioning well water pump can not only be a major inconvenience but can also expose you to health hazards if it leads to contaminated water. So paying attention to any indications that your well pump needs repairs is critical. What are some of the signs that your well pump needs servicing?

What Is a Well Water Pump?

Well water pumps are devices used to extract water from a well and deliver it to a nearby building or other areas that need it. It’s typically enclosed in a well casing and can be powered by electricity, gasoline, or solar energy. Two types of water well pumps include submersible pumps, installed below the water level that pushes water up to the surface, or jet pumps, installed above ground, that use suction to draw water up from the well. Problems with a well water pump can lead to a reduction or total loss of your water supply, so it’s vital to ensure your water well pump is installed correctly and well maintained.

Signs Your Well Pump Might Need Servicing

Before you can get a professional out to check your well water pump, you need to know there’s an issue. Here are some warning signs that suggest your water well pump needs servicing:

Intermittent water flow: Intermittent water flow means that the pressure in your system is not consistent or the water flow is sporadic. Several factors could be responsible for an intermittent water flow, including a water pump failure.

Poor water pressure: A sudden decrease in water pressure could signal that the pump is going bad and that you need well pump repairs.

No water flow: Clogged or damaged pipes that connect your system can keep water from flowing properly, but a total loss of water flow could also mean that the water table is low or the system needs a water pump replacement.

Strange noises: Grinding, clanking, or humming sounds from your water pump indicate that something may have broken and your pump is struggling to function correctly.

Dirty or smelly water: Changes in water quality are another sign that your water pump needs servicing. Dirty water could suggest that your pump is no longer seated properly in the well and needs to be serviced. In addition, water that smells or tastes funny could be coming into contact with minerals or contaminants from the soil. While some minerals are harmless, others are not, so your well should be serviced to have any harmful minerals or contaminants removed.

Water pumps use a water-based lubricant rather than oil and are designed to keep the lubricant within the pump’s housing. Therefore, it’s doubtful that a change in water quality would be due to leaking fluids from the unit. However, it’s not impossible for a pump’s seal or gasket to fail and cause contaminants to enter the well water system. If you suspect your well water system has been contaminated, it’s crucial to stop using the water immediately and have it tested by a professional. Doley Service Pro offers well pump repairs and residential plumbing inspection services in Springfield, OH.

Sputtering water: Sputtering or spitting water when you turn on your faucets indicates that you have air in your system. It’s normal for air to get into the system occasionally, but if the sputtering is frequent, it could be a sign of an issue that needs to be addressed.

Electrical problems: If your pump won’t start or shut off, that could be caused by a tripped circuit breaker or a sign that your well pump needs servicing. Any burning smells, or sparks from the pump’s electrical components should be addressed immediately.

Frequent cycling: If the water pump cycles on and off repeatedly, there could be an issue with the pressure switch or another system component that may require servicing. A water pump that won’t turn off can cause backups in your plumbing system, and you may see your electric bill rise.

If you notice these signs, your well pump needs servicing to ensure your water supply is safe and reliable. Don’t wait to schedule your well pump repairs.

Contact Us for Water Well Pump Service & Maintenance

Regular maintenance and service of your water well pump are critical to ensure efficient operation and prevent system failures. It’s essential to have a professional inspect your water pump regularly to look for signs your well pump needs servicing or to test for contamination of your well water supply. Contact Dolley Service Pro today for well pump repairs and other residential well services in Springfield, OH. We also offer emergency availability, so you can be confident that we will be there for you when you need us.

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