Water Softener vs. Water Filtration System: Which Do You Need?

Water Softener vs. Water Filtration System: Which Do You Need?

Nobody wants unclean, unsafe water pumping through their home’s pipes. Unfortunately, this is the case for millions of Americans dealing with water quality issues yearly. If your home is connected to the municipal water supply, certain problems such as hard water are all too common.

However, having water problems doesn’t mean you have to forsake tap water in favor of the bottled variety forever or rely on slow-moving filter pitchers to do the dirty work. With a house water filtration or water softener system, you can reap the benefits of clean water without all the hassle. Read on to find out which one of these two awesome water systems might best suit your home — or call our local drain cleaners and plumbers to have one installed today!

Water Filtration Systems: Keep Your Water Clean

Water filtration systems work to remove contaminants from your water supply. Each system uses different techniques to accomplish this. Here are just a few types of whole-house water filters:

Activated Carbon Filters

Whole-house activated carbon filters screen out contaminants at the water’s point of entry, reducing the amount of debris in the water supply before it even reaches your taps.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse osmosis systems work by forcing water molecules through a semipermeable membrane made from synthetic materials. This filters out contaminants such as heavy metals, dirt, and chemicals.

If you’re concerned about your home’s water quality, investing in this amazing technology is never a bad idea. Have one installed today and reap the rewards tomorrow!

Water Softener Systems: Eliminate Hard Water Problems

Because hard water occurs due to excess mineral buildup in your water supply, it makes sense that water softening systems exist to remedy this problem. While water softeners and water filters help remove contaminants, water softeners focus more on removing the “hardness” from your water. These particular systems come in several different styles.

There are salt-free water softeners, which neutralize hard water minerals using ion exchange, and salt-based water softeners, which remove minerals from the water.

More than 80% of American households currently have — or previously had — hard water running through their pipes. If you’ve noticed any of these household problems caused by hard water, a water softener system might be just what you need:

  • Scale buildup or “soap scum” on faucets or appliances
  • Poor water pressure
  • Slow-flushing toilets or slow-draining tubs
  • Dry skin after showering
  • Appliance inefficiency (especially dishwashers and clothes washers)

If you don’t have hard water, you probably don’t need a water softening system. Before you make any assumptions, however, it’s always best to check with experts first to learn more about what’s going on in your pipes.

Thirsty? Call Dooley Service Pro!

Installing both water softening and water filtration systems is amazing for your home. Are you ready to use your faucets again without worrying about contamination? If you need a water softener or filter installation, plumbing help, or drain cleaning in Springfield, Dooley Service Pro is the team to call.

Don’t wait. Let us make your water safe to drink once again!

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