Ever wished that you could view inside your drains or pipes to see what is causing an issue in your home or business? With the use of advanced camera technology, our team at Dooley Service Pro can do just that. Contact us in Springfield today to learn more! 

How It Works

  1. First, we identify the general region where we think the problem lies within the pipes and locate the closest drain for the most efficient access to that point. 
  2. Next, our team of professionals will slowly maneuver the waterproof camera through the pipe to locate the clog or other issue within.  
  3. Once the inspection is complete and all problems have been identified, our licensed and insured plumbers will collaborate with you to determine the best course of action.

Benefits Of Camera Inspections

There are numerous advantages that come with using cameras to inspect plumbing and sewage systems within and beneath a home or business. This technology not only provides a noninvasive process to locate issues within the systems, but it can also aid in fixing the issue found. 

Before camera technology, plumbers were forced to make educated guesses on where and what the problems may be within pipes and drains that were clogged or damaged. This process often leads to destructive digging and excessive repairs. However, with the use of cameras, digging is not necessary to resolve most problems, and plumbers are able to watch as the clog is cleared to ensure that no further action needs to be taken. 

Dooley Service Pro

Our team of professionals, at Dooley Service Pro, have identified the many benefits of camera inspections and are constantly innovating new ways to utilize these waterproof cameras to improve our client’s plumbing and sewer service experience. Our mission is to provide the least invasive options by utilizing high-quality, advanced technology. Contact us today to schedule your camera inspection!