Certified SludgeHammer Distributor for Ohio

When septic systems fail, it is typically due to soil in the disposal field clogging up with slime from oxygenated bacteria. When sizable colonies of these bacteria migrate from a septic tank to the disposal field, they produce biomaterial that clogs pores of the soil, meaning air cannot circulate. As they grow, the bacteria produce volumes of nitrate which can seep into the local water table.

There were two costly options when the above scenario occurred — to either repair or replace the system entirely. The usual solution was to pump the waste and clogs out of the septic tank and start a new disposal field. However, SludgeHammer offers a better option for dealing with long-term wastewater management — and Dooley Service Pro is proud to be a certified distributor for Ohio.

SludgeHammer’s Role in Wastewater Management

Developed by Dan Wickham, Ph.D., SludgeHammer revolutionized the industry by providing an all-natural, non-toxic, effective solution for onsite wastewater disposal. The SludgeHammer system — which can be installed into any existing septic system — aerates and circulates the waste within a septic tank. Since oxygen is lethal to anaerobic bacteria, its aeration process kills off any present. As the disposal field is revitalized, it can accept and process the clear effluent from the septic tank. As long as they are provided oxygen and waste, the SludgeHammer bacteria will maintain a colony indefinitely. This translates into a permanent solution to wastewater clogging and disposal issues.

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