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If You Want Great Water

You Gotta Have a HALO

So you aren’t satisfied with the quality of your water in your home? Well, the good news is that whatever your issue is – it’s treatable! Yes, we have a HALO solution for every home and every situation. The even better news is that we guarantee that every HALO Water Treatment System is installed by a certified Dooley Service Pro Plumbing Technician – who has been expertly trained in every area of plumbing and water treatment.

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When it comes to water, we are the BEST of the BEST

The difference with HALO Whole Home Water Treatment System is Our People! We guarantee that every Home Water Treatment System is installed by a Dooley Service Pro certified Plumbing Technician – who has been expertly trained in every area of plumbing and water treatment.

Nobody knows water like a plumber​

Water quality systems are in fact, home service solutions. With that said, why would anyone purchase something as important as a water quality system from someone other than a plumber? A “water tester” can show you that you need better water and schedule an install – but you don’t know the quality of the installer. At Dooley Service Pro, our certified plumbers are trained to make sure that every solution is installed correctly and that your system is set up for long term, peak performance. Having your system installed by a trained and certified plumber is the only way to ensure that your system is being installed by someone who fully understands your home and your water treatment system.

Make sure your pipes are at their BEST​

Non-plumbers don’t understand your home and its intricacies the way an expert does. They also don’t have first-hand experience in diagnosing, remedying, and avoiding the issues that poor water can cause your pipes and plumbing. If you want to be sure to avoid costly re-pipes and expensive plumbing – let Dooley Service Pro install a HALO Home Water Treatment System in your home today.

Change Your Water, Change Your Life​

A HALO water system isn’t just a piece of equipment, it’s a game-changing solution that delivers an array of benefits to your home, your family, and your planet. Our water quality experts at Dooley Service Pro have been specifically trained to determine the perfect water system for you. We take pride in making sure that there is a HALO water solution for every home and every situation.

HALO for Your Happiness

Your water should make you feel refreshed. Water treatment facilities do their best, but water must be chemically treated to ensure that nothing biological can grow in that water. Chlorine, disinfectants, and chlorination byproducts will be effectively removed without compromising the great tasting minerals. Having fresh water and knowing that your plumbing is protected from scale formation is the best feeling on earth.

HALO for Your Health

In certain areas, chlorine, disinfectants, and chlorination byproducts levels in municipal water can exceed swimming pool standards. A HALO Whole House Water Filtration System installed by a Dooley Service Pro technician means never worrying about poor water quality. Although the taste of HALO water is phenomenal from every faucet, when HALO water is refrigerated in a glass container it is The Best Cold Glass of Water on The Planet©.

HALO for Feel Heavenly

The wrong water in your shower can negatively impact your hair and your skin. Chlorine and disinfectants inhibit detergents ability to lather and can also limit the way they moisturize your skin and hair. This can lead to skin irritation. Since your skin plays such an important role in protecting your body, you should keep it as healthy as you can.

HALO keeps your fixtures looking Fabulous

Scale and corrosion on fixtures is unsightly and restricts water flow. Only 1/2 inch of scale formation can increase your energy cost by 70%*. A HALO Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning System is the solution! It effectively removes the chlorine, chloramines, and other chemical disinfectants that cause corrosion and treats the healthy minerals to become suspended and non-aggressive in the water. *source: University of Illinois & US Bureau of Standards (NSIT)

HALO keeps your appliances Running Right

Protect your investments! scale and corrosion in pipes, water heaters, and other appliances reduce operational life, drastically shortening the lifespan on dishwashers, coffee makers, and water heaters due to clogging and leaks. Having a HALO Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning System protects your home and extends the life of your appliances so you can stop repairing and replacing and start saving.

HALO keeps your Fabrics Fresh

You want your clothing, towels and sheets to last. Chlorine, chloramines and disinfection byproducts don’t help. Fabric life is shorter by up to 30% because of chlorine in water. Detergent is also less effective. Dooley Service Pro technicians are water quality experts who will help you take care of your fabrics. You’ll notice a difference with a HALO. Plus, save money by using 50% less detergent products!

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