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Private wells appeal to many people for a variety of reasons — whether it be to simply have control over what chemicals are introduced into their water system or because their home is located in a rural area. Whatever it may be, there are many benefits when it comes to constructing a private well to supply your home with fresh water. 

At Dooley Service Pro in Springfield, our team has extensive experience in both drilling and driving private wells. If you are considering constructing a well water system for your home or business, contact our team of experts today with any questions or concerns! 


Choosing A Private Well

While there are many benefits and advantages of private wells, they are not the right choice for all situations or circumstances. Before starting the construction of your private well, take a moment to consider the specifics listed below. Contact the Dooley Service Pro team today for more information about private wells!


Verify the essence of the water supply that lies beneath your property. To successfully construct a well water system, you must first establish whether the groundwater supply is accessible or not.

It is important to calculate the depth of the groundwater supply on your property as this varies immensely from one area to the next. You must be able to drill or drive deep enough to get quality water.

Determine which process of constructing your private well is best for your situation — whether that be the more affordable driving method or more complex method of drilling to overcome difficult soil.

While you could construct a private well on your own, we highly recommend seeking the expertise of the pros to assist in determining the best method, water specifics, and any underground features.


At Dooley Service Pro in Springfield, our team offers two methods of construction for private well water systems — driving and drilling. Continue reading to learn more about each of these methods. Contact us today for assistance in choosing which process best fits your needs!


The process of driving a private well is a bit more labor-heavy as it includes post hole digging to begin and then, as the name suggests, driving a pipe straight into the ground, section by section. Each section of pipe is properly fastened to the next to ensure that the pipe is durable enough to continue driving into the ground until the proper water level is reached.



The process of drilling a well is commonly used when the water supply is too deep to use the alternative driving method. Drilling uses an industrial machine to break through the soil and make its way deep into the ground to reach the groundwater supply. This is the most common option of private well construction as it withstands the best against contamination.



Having regular maintenance performed on your private well not only keeps it functioning properly, but it also ensures that you are able to take advantage of its full service life. The following are some of the main maintenance, servicing, and check-ups that you should have performed regularly on your private well. Contact Dooley Service Pro in Springfield today to schedule a private well maintenance service!



With the electrical components of the pressure switch and pump controllers, there are a number of different parts that may need repaired or replaced over time. Another area that may require repairs is the pump motor and the components found within the well pump itself. If your private well pump suddenly quits pumping water or is acting differently than normal, contact our team of professionals at Dooley Service Pro in Springfield today!

Dooley Service Pro

Our team at Dooley Service Pro is dedicated to providing you the best private well services in the Springfield area. Whether it be driving or drilling a new well, performing regular maintenance, or repairing a malfunctioning system, we are here to help you. With more than 40 years of experience in the plumbing and septic industry, our locally-owned and operated business is focused on the satisfaction of our customers. Contact our team of licensed and insured plumbers today for all your private well needs!


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