You are most likely aware that your septic system is located underground somewhere on your property. However, many homeowners and business owners are not aware of where the entrance point is actually located, as it is most like hidden beneath the ground’s surface as well. If this is the case for your septic system, Dooley Service Pro in Springfield encourages that you have risers and lids installed. Contact our team today for more information!  

What is a riser and lid?

A riser and lid is an additional piece that can be installed on your septic system to create an easy and efficient access point. This addition simply extends the top of your septic tank to ground level. 

Why should I have a rise and lid installed on my septic system?

While you may not fully understand the purpose of installing a riser and lid on your septic system, there are a handful of benefits. The biggest one being that it creates an easy to access point of entrance to your system. This will not only save you extra costs charged by septic companies to continuously dig up the area to find the opening, but it will also allow quick access in an event of an emergency.

When is access to the septic system required?

Your septic technician will need access to the septic system to perform inspections and maintenance. Having a riser and lid installed simply makes it easier for them to complete these tasks with ease.

Dooley Service Pro 

Our team of septic specialists at Dooley Service Pro offer professional riser and lid installation to the Miami Valley. Contact us today if you are looking for more information about this service or would like to schedule an inspection to see if it is the right thing for your septic system!