Having regular maintenance performed on your septic system keeps everything clean and provides opportunity for repairs to be made before they become larger, overwhelming projects. At Dooley Service Pro in Springfield, we highly recommend scheduling yearly maintenance for your septic system.

This will help to keep the amount of maintenance needed at a minimum, while also providing your septic system with everything it needs to last for many years to come. Have peace of mind that your septic system is functioning properly by contacting our licensed and insured plumbers at Dooley Service Pro today for all your maintenance and repair needs! 

Our Maintenance Services

  • Septic Cleaning – Cleaning out your septic tank and system will prevent backups and other major issues.
  • Pipe Cleaning – Regularly cleaning out the pipes of your septic system prevents clogging and damage.
  • Baffle Filter Maintenance – Cleaning the baffle filter ensures that unwanted items are not getting into your drain field.

Our Repair Services

  • Pipe Repairs – Repairing rusted or damaged pipes will help to prevent emergency situations due to breakages.
  • Septic Tank Repairs – Tree roots and corrosion can lead to the walls of your septic tank requiring repairs to avoid leaks.
  • Pump Station Repairs – Damaged impellers or a clogged pump will need to be repaired to keep the pump functioning properly.

Contact Dooley Service Pro Today

Our team at Dooley Service Pro is here to provide you with top-quality septic maintenance and repair services. Why wait until you are faced with a major, costly problem in your septic system to contact the professionals? Simple maintenance and repairs will ensure that your system lasts as long as possible, while also saving you thousands of dollars in emergency services later down the road. Contact Dooley Service Pro in Springfield today with questions or comments!