In this job, the sewer line extended directly under the house itself. The homeowner was given a couple of options such as moving the line or digging up the inside of his home — neither option looked inviting. Both were expensive and promised major disruptions. Pipe-bursting made the job simple and quick without any disruptions to the general landscape or the home.




This sewer line extended underneath two retaining walls and existing landscaping. Using trenchless techniques, the sewer line was replaced without major disruptions to the retaining walls and shrubbery above. Our Dooley Service Pro team completed the job in a day and a half.


This sewer line was 11 feet deep and 180 feet long, passing under the swimming pool and a tennis court (not visible in picture). Over a two-day period, this line was replaced using the trenchless method with very little disruption to the landscape.


The water line for this home crossed underneath the driveway. The water line was a ¾ in diameter pipe and 65 feet long — using trenchless techniques saved digging up the driveway and landscaping.

This line went under a professionally landscaped staircase at a steep incline. Furthermore, the customer prized her established heritage trees and surrounding shrubbery. While the line could have been installed across the driveway area to avoid the landscaping issues, she also didn’t want the driveway damaged or scarred in hopes to maintain the pristine look of other homes in the area. With the trenchless method, our team was able to complete the job in just two days and was done with the precision and care that met the customer’s criteria. The work was completed and saved her reconstruction and landscaping costs.

Even newer homes can get the blues. This home, barely four years old, had a surprising sewer line collapse. The finish on the stamped concrete finished driveway and walkway was barely worn when the homeowner was faced with the prospect of tearing it up or dealing with ugly scarring just to replace the line. He was very relieved when trenchless techniques were able to replace the entire line without any disruption to the concrete and surrounding grass. Pipe bursting was easily able to handle this job, requiring three simple turns. Additionally, due to inadequate grades, we increased the pipe diameter from four inches to six inches. This increase of drainage capacity solved recurring backup problems experienced by the homeowners.