We specialize in both trenchless & traditional repair & replacement methods.

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Trenchless Pipeline Repair & Replacement

Sewer Repair and Replacement

We are one of the few contractors that require minimal digging. Our process will not just line, but will literally install a new HDPE pipe in its place that meets or exceeds code requirements; thus stopping all infiltration of water and roots. For more information on this process, please read our Pipe Genie page. When you use our service you save money on the restoration of your driveway and/or lawn and reduce landscaping and/or reconstruction costs.

Water Line Replacement

We can dig a small hole by the street and pull in the new HDPE water line from inside your basement. We use joint-free fittings that are installed with an electro-fusion machine. This leaves you with a one-piece leak-free water line, saving you money on expensive landscaping and lawn services.

Traditional Pipeline Repair & Replacement

Traditional Sewer Repair

Broken pipes and root intrusion will leave your sewer lines in complete disarray. We will find the specific area of your sewer line that needs repair without digging up your entire yard, limiting the excavation to one specific area. Compared to replacing the entire sewer line, this method saves you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Traditional Sewer Replacement

If you’re having problems with root intrusion and/or deteriorating pipes, we can replace your entire sewer line. Sometimes the only way to solve sags or back pitch in a sewer pipe is to dig it up and replace it. We can upgrade your clay or cast iron sewer line to PVC piping to prevent future corrosion and root intrusion.

Traditional Water Repair

We can replace your deteriorating old copper or galvanized water lines with proven materials like HDPE pipe and joint-free fittings. As time goes by, old water pipe materials break down and cause leaks that may go unnoticed for months. Update your water pipes and eliminate leakage.